Development of electric transport in the river: what may become more expensive fare

Развитие электротранспорта в Днепре: для чего может подорожать проезд

In KP “Dnieper electric vehicle” told about the changes and plans.

Representatives of KP “Dnieper electric vehicle” told about the main achievements of the 2019 and plans for the future.

Modernization of rolling stock: in 2019, the city bought 20 trams from Germany, 14 from them have already entered the routes. Next year will purchase and trolley – cars 45: 33 – the classic low-floor and 12 with auxiliary power reserve. Now on the Dnieper there are already 9 such compositions. Compared with 2018, increased production of rolling stock on the routes. Last year the line went 90 trolleybuses, now up to 115; in 2018 on routes produced 160 cars of the tram, now – 180.

Building and repair: the main achievement in this area during the year – opening of a contact network for trolley buses on the residential community solar. In addition, was completed overhaul of the 3.5 kilometers of tram tracks and around 25 kilometres of trolleybus lines. It is possible to increase the reliability of the electric vehicle in the past year due to a faulty line of 8.5% of the rolling stock of trolleybuses was left out of the route, now only 6%; trams – 8 % and 5 %, respectively.

Staff: in the river earned the school drivers of trams and trolleybuses. According to the electric vehicle, the company seriously in need of drivers and a minimum of hundreds of new conductors. In this regard, the KP invites to school new students.

Electronic systems: in 2019 began an active transition to an electronic fare collection system by scanning the QR code, at this point was already made about 1 million transactions, accounting for 3% of the total weight. Also continue to improve the operation of the electronic control room that allows passengers to track the movement of vehicles online.

Boris Filatov in interview to the program “Faces” noted that to increase the fare in electric vehicles is necessary if the city will continue to receive new routes and will be updated rolling stock. These words coincide with what in the river are going to buy new trolleybuses.

Source: the Bridge-Dnepr, the press service of the city Council.

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