Development of Microsoft and Bridgestone is able to significantly reduce the number of accident – video

Разработка Microsoft и Bridgestone способна существенно сократить количество ДТП – видео

Разработка Microsoft и Bridgestone способна существенно сократить количество ДТП – видео

According to official data, 30% of all road accidents caused by technical problems associated with damage to the wheels. Why Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone and Microsoft have announced a partnership to develop the world’s first system of tyre monitoring to track the condition of the wheels in real time.

According to representatives of Bridgestone and Microsoft will be called “monitoring System for tire damages” (TDMS). This will be the first such initiative, able to identify the problem in real time.

How will the system TDMS

Software based on cloud platform the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP). For efficient operation, subject to special sensors that analyze the wheels of cars with the help of special algorithms in order to detect changes in the structure of the tire. As soon as there is a danger, the driver immediately receives the message that allows it to promptly repair the damage.

“Digital technologies play a huge part of what we do today in Bridgestone. It is extremely important that we work with the leading partners in the field who can meet our needs today and in the future. Together with Microsoft, we have the opportunity to bring TDMS to millions of drivers, offering them the best security and peace of mind,” said Laurent Dart, CEO and President of Bridgestone.

Video demonstrates the operation of the system TDMS

When will the system TDMS

Right now the new system of monitoring of damage of Bridgestone tyres available for all fleets and equipment manufacturers using the cloud platform from Microsoft MCVP.

By the way, the tyre manufacturer Pirelli presented a reasonable car tyre support 5G.

A new system of sensors Pirelli Cyber Tire in the future will be able to provide full details of the machine model, driven kilometers, dynamic load and potentially dangerous situations on the road.

The information obtained will allow the car to adapt its management system that will significantly increase the level of safety, comfort and performance. In addition, the system will send the same information to other cars on the road.

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