“Devil’s staircase”: disclosed circuit, which was killed by Chikatilo

"Чертова лестница": раскрыта схема, по которой убивал Чикатило

Two professors from the University of California in Los Angeles Vwani of Roychowdhury and Mikhail V. Simkin has built a schedule that killed Rostov serial killer Andrei Chikatilo.

About this article for publication Slate.fr wrote a mathematics teacher and journalist Tom Messias, reports the observer.

Scientists have studied the chronological distribution of murders Chikatilo. In their study considered 12 years of operation killer (from 1978 until his arrest in 1990) and 53 of the murder (the total number differed by one unit from that which was put by the Russian justice).

According to them, crimes of a maniac can be compared to an epileptic seizure in a human patient or creativity of a talented person.

“Criminals, people of creative professions or epileptics, apparently, the brain gradually accumulates information associated with the nervous impulses, and this eventually causes a sudden change threshold. Like a drop of water suddenly overflowing the vessel when no one saw it coming”, – writes the edition.

While scientists acknowledge that for a more complete analysis of the crimes committed, they lacked data. In particular, for the correct plotting of the necessary information about all the failed crimes and failures, when Chikatilo failed to realize his terrible plan.