Devolver Digital will publish pixel shooter Olija is Unties

Devolver Digital издаст пиксельный экшен Olija вместо Unties

The company Devolver Digital has announced that it will publish the PC and Nintendo Switch Olija action adventure, developed by Studio Skeleton Crew. Previously this role was taken Unties, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Olija talks about the journey of a man named Faraday. He was shipwrecked and found himself in a mysterious country Terratag. Armed with the legendary harpoon, he and his fellow fugitives try to leave the hostile land and get back home. You have to explore a strange world and meet its inhabitants, including Oil – mysterious girl, with which is associated the Faraday.

The developers note that in the preparation of the mythology Olija was inspired by the legends of sailors and Asian fantasy. A melancholic soundtrack was written with an eye on traditional Japanese music, flamenco and lo-fi (music with lower sound quality).

Olija will be released in 2020.