Diabetes will disappear over the summer! Cucumber and cabbage is recognized as a “panacea” for reducing sugar

Диабет исчезнет за лето! Огурец и капуста признаны «панацеей» для снижения сахара

Simple, cheap and healthy vegetables included in the TOP products for diabetics.

Summer is a special time. During this period exacerbated many chronic diseases. With caution you should treat your body and people with diabetes of the 2nd type. Doctors repeatedly called the most effective ways to avoid complications and the most important is still food.

Today on the first place the reviewers give seasonal fruits and vegetables. For example, cucumbers and cabbage contain large amounts of insulin-like substance and fibre, so one of the first recognized as a “panacea” for reducing sugar.

Favorite sandwiches is replaced by salads, fruits or vegetables. Preference should be given to the not-too-sweet fruits. Perfect complement to the salad blueberries. Also doctors advise to cook compotes and tea. She’ll cool off in the heat and “expel” the excess fluid.

Apples doctors advise to use in any form. Despite the sugar content, they have a low glycemic index, so their use does not increase the sugar level. According to the study, only one Apple a day reduces the risk of diabetes in women by almost 30%.

Sometimes you can even treat yourself to a chocolate. It is important to choose a treat with a cocoa content of at least 70%, without adding milk.

Here’s what not to do to hold in the heat too long. 33 degrees Celsius is a critical temperature. If it is not possible to avoid going outside, you need to carefully monitor the body and avoid dehydration since lack of fluids in the body can lead to complications.

Also, doctors are reminded of the need for correct storage of medications and compliance with recommendations for their use. It is best to store medicines in a cool dark place such as the fridge.

In choosing clothes should adhere to the articles simply cut from natural fabrics. They will provide the body the ability to regulate temperature.

With these simple rules diabetes, if not disappear completely in one summer, then, in any case, it will be a long time to remember.