Diamond billionaire has died on the operating table: “enhanced their dignity”

Алмазный миллиардер умер на операционном столе: «увеличивал свое достоинство»

Ehud Arye Laniado died suddenly in one of elite clinics of Paris during the operation on the causal place

The Israeli seller diamond heart stopped suddenly at the crucial moment, when the doctors in his genital organ has introduced a special substance.

65-year-old rich man referred to the clinic of plastic surgery to increase his penis. Somehow the operation was conducted at night. At the crucial moment the billionaire her heart failed, and he died.

The doctor who conducted the operation, began urgently to resuscitate the patient, but all his attempts were unsuccessful.

It is reported that Ehud Arye Laniado get rich when mining diamonds in Angola and the Congo.

The friends of the billionaire admitted that he was very complexed because of his small stature and was obsessed with his appearance.

As we wrote earlier, the famous American financier, investor and billionaire George Soros announced the approach of the global financial crisis. So, according to the billionaire, the strengthening of the dollar and capital outflow from emerging markets may soon lead to new global financial crisis.

The Soros Foundation suggests that threaten this crisis will be, first of all, the European Union. The economies of the EU, according to the billionaire, will strike a nuclear deal with Iran and the cessation of transatlantic cooperation with the United States of America. All this, says Soros, will lead, in particular, to the devaluation of currencies in emerging markets.

Billionaire urges EU reforms, including abandoning the Euro. It also offers a rescue plan for Europe which includes support for Africa to 30 billion euros a year for several years. Soros believes that this will stop the wave of refugees.

In addition, the plan of salvation, the rejection of hard budget constraints for aid to Africa in order to spur the global economy that a strong dollar pushes to the abyss.

In addition, Soros advises to transform the European Union: rejection of the Euro, the transition from the concept of “Europe of different speeds” (assumes that all members will eventually merge unity) to the concept of “Europe with different tracks” (Union of the dissimilar but United by common values) – to prevent a spontaneous collapse of the Union.

Алмазный миллиардер умер на операционном столе: «увеличивал свое достоинство»

Алмазный миллиардер умер на операционном столе: «увеличивал свое достоинство»