Didenko became rich after the death of her husband

Диденко разбогатела после смерти мужа

Blogger told how to live after the death of a loved one.

Has received wide popularity after the tragedy with dry ice Ekaterina Didenko again decided to communicate to journalists. The girl admitted that after the death of her husband was earning three times more.

After the sensational stories when the company bloggers threw a deadly party in the sauna, the popularity of Catherine Didenko soared. And with it revenues. By the way, many Russians blame the widow for PR for her husband’s death and criticized her in an attempt to earn money on the tragedy.

However, she Didenko assures the public that has never tried to benefit from the death of her husband – she loved him and had suffered greatly when he died.

The girl said that after the death of her husband she not only jumped the revenues but also increased costs. Catherine is survived by two children, and an impressive piece of work on her blog have done just the spouse.

This woman told in the show “Cannon” in “YouTube”. She also admitted that to communicate with journalists, she advised the lawyer – so the widow took the opportunity to unveil his version of the tragedy.

As he told the “Morning. ru”, Ekaterina Didenko organized a party on his birthday in the bath complex, where guests poured in a small pool 25 pounds of dry ice. In the death of two friends of the blogger and her husband.