Die, but do it. The TOP 6 largest operations of special forces “alpha”

Умри, но сделай. ТОП-6 крупнейших операций спецназа «Альфа»

The basis of the detachment of the KGB and FSB “And” embarked officers involved in the liberation of the hostages on the plane the Yak-40.

Sabotage squad “And” when the KGB was organized July 28, 1974, as counter-terrorism special forces rapid reaction. Since 1991, the special forces stood under the flag of the Federal security service.

SWAT is considered to be the elite of Russia. The main objectives of the group “A” are subversive intelligence, anti-terrorist operations and hostage negotiation.

Almost 45 years of life, the Ministry, the special unit became famous for its operations. Of the most famous and ambitious of them were TOP 6.

The first major operation was the prerequisite for the organization of the sabotage detachment almost a month before his birth. July 3, 1974 the special forces “alpha” carried the release of the hostages on the hijacked airliner Yak-40.

On the bot of the aircraft was found the chief of the Ministry of internal Affairs Nikolay Shchelokov and Deputy Chairman of the KGB Semyon Tsvigun. 4 hijackers demanded refueling of the aircraft, $ 1.5 million and unhindered departure to Sweden. Future detachment “alpha” was able to conduct a special operation on release of hostages and arrest of the hijackers of 10 minutes.

27 Dec 1979. In Kabul, the group “alpha” stormed the Palace of the Secretary General of Afghanistan Hafizullah Amin, who ended a fair trial and the execution of the statesman.

4 Oct 1993 – storm of the White house. A coup under the leadership of Boris Yeltsin could end in a bloodbath if not for the special forces “alpha”. In the assault involved more and spetsnaz “Vympel”, who, for refusing a direct order of an armed attack was disbanded.

The fighters detachment “A” was able peacefully to withdraw all of the government buildings, which saved a lot of lives.

13 March 2000 – the capture of one of the most dangerous Chechen militant Salman Raduyev.

One of the most tragic operations took place during the liberation of hostages in October 2002 in a Moscow theater on Dubrovka. The militants who seized the theater was able to eliminate the leash on the third day, to save many innocent Gina, however, the operation ended with multiple victims.

And, perhaps the most famous anti-terrorist operation on release of hostages – September 2004, the assault on the school in Beslan. The hostages had been kept for several days. The result of the operation, which was attended by a revived and “Vympel”, all the terrorists were killed on the spot.

No casualties has not done as from the civilian population and among the soldiers of the special forces of the FSB, however, the total operation was the rescue of hundreds of innocent children’s lives.

Die, but do it – the unofficial motto of all Russian military and special forces, showing the dedication of the fighters.