Die Tageszeitung: the Spirit of victory

Die Tageszeitung: Дух победы

“On the Russian tanker in the Ukrainian port were searched. The incident is covered the dispute for the supremacy at sea in the region”, – writes the German newspaper Die Tageszeitung.

We are talking about the arrested Ukrainian military Prosecutor’s office and the SBU secret service in the port of Izmail Russian ship Nika Spirit, named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. The authorities explained this step the fact that the tanker was involved in a Russian attack on Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait. “What was supposed to achieve this action? Really after all this time, you can find confirmation of events November 2018?” – asks questions of journalist Daniel Schultz.

“Questions arise in connection with the fact that the SBU is hard to estimate, even if you talk to people who have worked there. Some of the units are functioning well, others are considered to be among the Ukrainians as corrupt or lazy. A special form of fame SBU acquired during the staging of the murder, and then the resurrection of the journalist Arkady Babchenko. Politicians and experts in the West considered it an irresponsible stunt in the Ukraine, many consider it one of the few successful and skillful operations on disclosing of the Russian conspiracy in the country”, – says the publication.

“Possible cause of seizure could be that the new President, Vladimir Zelensky want to get rid of the reputation too Pro-Russian man, says Schultz. But at the moment it would be completely unnecessary. In the presidential election Zelensky defeated his rival Petro Poroshenko, acting in a more militant and nationalistic manner. It is unlikely that Zelenski can benefit from this campaign”.

“The situation in the sea of Azov between Russia and Ukraine remains tense, continues the edition. Ukrainian ports Mariupol and Berdyansk continue to report on millions of financial losses incurred due to the fact that the Russian ships kept too long under control of a cargo ship”.

“If the ports will be less work, there is a danger that unemployment and social situation in these cities will become even more acute. In question and whether there is in Ukraine, which in 2014 is waging an undeclared war with Russian-backed separatists in the East of the country, money in order to Finance the necessary structural changes. The destabilization of the region and mastery of Mariupol may be the strategic target of Russia. Both internationally unrecognized separatist quasi-republics there is private access to the sea. The fall of Mariupol could fix it”, – notes the edition.

“In resolving the conflict in the sea of Azov Ukraine is dependent on international aid, but so far from countries such as Germany, received only a trivial indication that both sides should remain calm. It is possible that the detention of the ship in Ishmael is an attempt to obtain evidence that could put pressure on Russia and the international community with a view to adopting measures in the sea of Azov” – sums up Die Tageszeitung.