Die Zeit: Terrible reliability Putin

Die Zeit: Ужасная надежность Путина

Gone are the days when over Russia laughed as above a regional power: in international politics, Putin today, more United States and the European Union. What is the reason?, – asks the German newspaper Die Zeit.

“If on Saturday, Merkel and Putin will speak in the Kremlin on Libya, the middle East, Syria, and Ukraine, it might well be regarded as a success of Russian diplomacy, – said the journalist Alice Bot. – Whether you like it or not, but this kind of diplomacy, which is understood as a pure politics of interest, today is quite effective. While Europeans seem to be too downloaded the US leave the Middle East and at the same time still not leave till Congress learns about middle East politics trump Twitter, the letter of the Ministry of defense, providing for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, refuted, Vladimir Putin goes on the tour. He meets with Assad in Syria during a visit to Russian troops, shaking hands with Erdogan during the Grand opening of the pipeline “Turkish stream”, holds telephone talks with Macron, is planning soon to meet with Al-Sisi in Egypt – it will be the twelfth meeting in six years”.

“In short, the vacuum left by the Americans on the international stage, the Russians skillfully fill. As the void that currently prevails in the diplomacy of the Europeans”, – notes the edition.

“Gone are the days when Obama laughed at Russia as a regional power. In Syria, Putin was able to hold the position of Assad and create a delicate balance between the interests of the Turks, Kurds, Iranians and Israelis. In Libya, the Russian mercenaries are fighting on the side of the Libyan General Haftarot. Russian military aircraft to use an airbase in Egypt. Soleimani received in Moscow, and now lament his death to the Iranians in their claim to power Russia allows to reach up to Lebanon, as long as they remain partners in Syria.”

“Even in Europe that (still) follows the anti-Russian sanctions, the Kremlin manages to get a little out of political isolation – in spite of the attempt (Skripal, khangoshvili), hacker attacks and exposed intelligence operations. Makron comes to meet Putin in Paris at last negotiations for peace in Ukraine – but not without preconditions, Putin,” the article says.

“Russia’s success due primarily to two reasons. On the one hand, Russian diplomacy is considered to be very professional. If the Russian intelligence services allow themselves to crushing failures, the Russian diplomats are considered to be exceptionally educated, eloquent and experienced,” – emphasizes the publication.

“Hardly anyone from foreign Ministers around the world holds office for longer than Sergei Lavrov. Hardly anyone is more tempered, brash and energetic: Lavrov holds negotiations with the Iraqis, Turks, Egyptians, Americans, Libyans, Chinese, Israelis, Iranians”.

“But more importantly to a lesser extent linked to Russia than with the weakness of the other, – explains the author. – Europeans are preoccupied with themselves, the Americans – their unpredictable President and his chaotic middle East policy. Where there is chaos and there is vacuum, becomes a strong Putin. But it is rarely constructive. Although he retains the power of the ward of Assad, but the preparation of the post-war scenario for Syria and the more funding the restoration of the destroyed country let, please, doing other”.

“The autocrats of the Middle East are thankful for the reliable power that guarantees them the most important thing: the status quo and thereby their despotism. Putin helps that he does not adhere too strongly to any ideology and values. The value for him to have his own interests of power.”

“No one relationship do not demonstrate this more clearly than the relations with Turkey. A few years ago Erdogan was in a sense a public enemy of Russia, because the Turks have shot down a Russian military aircraft. Today Turkey, in spite of the conflicting interests in Libya and Syria is an important partner of Russia – again on the terms of Putin”.

“He who talks with everyone and at making deals, who avoids commitment and responsibility, in the long run at risk. It is possible, even probable, that none of the Russian successes in the middle East will remain too fragile is the delicate balance, and diplomacy of the XXI century – is still something more than pure politics of interest. But at the moment Putin is behaving terribly reliable. And it is much more than to offer someone else,” concludes Die Zeit.