Died 19-year-old winner of the beauty contest M Teenager Lotte van der Zee: the reason

Умерла 19-летняя победительница конкурса красоты Мiss Teenager Лотте ван дер Зее: причина

All the Western media exploded with the news: dead 19-year-old winner M Teenager Universe-2017 from the Netherlands Lotte van der Zee. Relatives of the model and the representatives of the beauty contest confirmed the terrible news.

The tragedy occurred on Wednesday, March 6. However, the media learned of the death of Lotte van der Zee only 2 days. Relatives of the model initially did not want to draw attention to his grief and pursue the girl in the last path without publicity in the media. Information about the tragedy, they reported only to fans of Lotte van der Zee.

Our pearl left us on Wednesday, March 6, at 22:47. Favorite Lotta is no longer with us. Our hearts are broken,
– posted online the parents of the model.

The winner of the beauty contest M Teenager Universe-2017 on the eve of its 20th anniversary, went on vacation to Austria. Suddenly after ski resort, Lotte van der Zee felt bad, then she had a heart attack.

Network girls published one of her last photo of Westendorf. There’s a carefree beauty posed against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, dressed in a red jumpsuit and cap.

According to the parents of Lotte van der Zee, the night before the tragedy she and her friends returned to the Netherlands, “happy and without any complaints of feeling”. However, at Breakfast she didn’t come. Parents found the model unconscious in her room. The winner of the beauty contest had a medical emergency and was sent to the nearest hospital. More than a week the doctors fought for the life of 19-year-old girl. However, after artificial coma with Lotte van der Zee gradually refused all organs, so the parents made a difficult decision and cut the girl from the apparatus of artificial life support.