Died 20-year-old actor Cameron Boyce biography and latest photos stars Disney

Умер 20-летний актер Камерон Бойс: биография и последние фото звезды Disney

On the night of July 7, 2019 died promising American actor Cameron Boyce. At the time of his death he was only 20 years old, so fans and family still cannot recover from the tragic news.

The first of the death of the young actor told British tabloid the Sun. Following the journalists, the relatives of Cameron Boyce released an official statement in which he confirmed the information about the loss. At the same time, the reasons for the sudden death of 20-year-old actor has decided not to disclose.

We regret to inform that this morning we lost Cameron. He died in his sleep after a treatment… the World has certainly lost one of the most brilliant actors,
– commented on the loss of relatives of Cameron Boyce.

It is still unknown where and when will farewell to Cameron Boyce. The ceremony will be closed to media and fans stars.

Died Cameron Boyce biography and filmography of the actor

Cameron Boyce was a rising Hollywood star, who predicted considerable fame. He was born may 28, 1999 in Los Angeles – the epicenter of cinema. Therefore, from childhood the boy is affirmatively decided that I would become an actor. In this he was actively supported by the parents, which helped the Cameron Boyce to make the first steps to implement the plan.

In 2011 the actor made his debut on television: he played a minor role in the TV series “good luck Charlie”. However, charismatic boy, who at the time was only 12 years old, attracted the attention of Disney, who offered him a contract.

After that, Cameron Boyce received a lot of offers from Directors and played the role in movies and TV series: “Mirror”, “On the hook”, “Dance fever”, “Classmates”, “Liv and Maddie”, “Heirs”, “diary of a gamer”, “Summer camp”. Only in his filmography there are 16 films in which he demonstrated talented and even your dancing skills.

In addition, Cameron Boyce did what other young actors can only dream of. He won the role of Herman Schultz (Shocker) in the movie “spider-Man” from Marvel studios. The film was released in 2017, and then Cameron Boyce became popular.

The dramatic work of famous American skillfully combined with study. A lot of time Cameron Boyce was paid not only to education, but also your blog, have received significant popularity. Now for Іnstagram page stars following more than 8 million users of the network, so almost every day Cameron Boyce showed how they spend their time.

According to reports, the actor liked to joke, often met with friends and participated in a stylish set. But perhaps the greatest media attention was attracted by the latest photos of Cameron Boyce, published the day before his death. Boyfriend chose black and white colors for a self-portrait that fans called it symbolic.