Died 37-year-old Stephanie Scherk: what is known about the American actress

Умерла 37-летняя Стефани Шерк: что известно про американскую актрису

The famous canadian model and actress Stephanie Sherk died at the age of 37 years. While the cause of death is unknown.

About losing Stephanie said her husband Damien Bichir on the page in Instagram. According to him, my love has died “peacefully”.

It was a difficult time in our lives, and I don’t know how much time will I need to overcome this pain,
– written by Damien.

Stephanie Sherk gained fame through modeling, and then started acting in the TV series “the Bridge”, “Telenovela”, “C. S. I.: the Cyberspace”, a Comedy with Jessica Alba, “Valentine’s Day” and other projects.

Her last work was the horror movie “Curse” that will be released in January 2020. In the film, the actress starred with your loved Damian Bechira.

Add the couple met in 2010, and four years later were married. Common children they had.