Died actor “Beverly hills, 90210” Luke Perry: there were the details of his death

Умер актер "Беверли-Хиллз, 90210" Люк Перри: появились детали его смерти

The death of actor Luke Perry, best known for her participation in the youth TV series “Beverly hills, 90210” (Beverly Hills, 90210), stirred up the whole world. Insiders of the Western media decided to tell the details, admitting that the relatives of the star gave permission to disconnect from the apparatus of artificial life support.

As reported by US Magazine, the 52-year-old Luke Perry died in hospital in the circle of his immediate family. In particular, at the time of the death of Hollywood actor was surrounded by his children, bride Wendy Madison Bauer, ex-wife Minnie sharp and mom.

According to insiders, after a stroke, the doctors tried to stabilize Luke Perry, connecting it to the apparatus of artificial life support. However, after 6 days of treatment, the actor came out of the coma. After that, the relatives of Luke Perry made a difficult decision: they signed the consent form to turn off the machines that helped the actor to live for almost a week.

Close the Hatch hoping that it will withdraw from this state after about 48 hours. But he never recovered. It was awful
– told the insider.

Hollywood actor died in seconds after disconnection of all devices of artificial life support. It happened on Monday, March 4.

What is known about the hospitalization of Luke Perry

The star of the TV series “Beverly hills, 90210”, was hospitalized on 27 February. Luke Perry became ill at his home in Los Angeles, and then relatives asked for help in a local hospital. Doctors immediately diagnosed Luke Perry a stroke and began treatment.

By coincidence, the Hollywood actor got to the hospital, where I was shooting the series “Riverdale” (2017-2019). In addition, stroke Luke Perry occurred on the day of announcement broadcaster Fox on the restart of the series “Beverly hills, 90210”.

Relatives and representatives of the actor confirmed information about the death of the actor on March 4. 18-year-old daughter Luke Perry, Sophie, noted that gets a lot of support from the celebrity of her father’s colleagues and supporters, for which she is very grateful. The girl returned to the US from Malawi and had to say goodbye to Luke Perry.