Died basketball player from Zaporozhye, lapsed into a coma after falling off a bike

Умер баскетболист из Запорожья, впавший в кому после падения с велосипеда

Famous Ukrainian basketball player, a recognized master in shot Sergey Myasoedov died, never regaining consciousness after a head injury, received in may 2020 as a result of falling from the bike.

About it on August 7 reported a friend of Sergei, another Ukrainian coach Yuri Kondratov on his Facebook page.

Carnivores in may in a coma after falling off his bike. The athlete sought medical help with the pain in the clavicle. Already at the hospital, the basketball player lost consciousness and fell into a coma. He was diagnosed with an intracerebral hematoma of the head. Sergei emergency surgery, but his condition all this time was heavy.

Meat-eaters took part in the competition on throws from above, which took place in the framework of the all-star game super League in 2017. In the Higher basketball League of Ukraine Serhiy played for “Zaporozhye-2”, “Invasport” from the Dnepr and Zaporozhye “metallurg”.