Died deallogic one of the oldest in the world – Lifestyle 24

Померла одна з найстаріших відеоблогерок у світі - Lifestyle 24

In South India died one of the oldest deallogic 107-year-old LastName. The woman led your cooking channel on YouTube.

This is the BBC.

Shot on video, she cooked local dishes in a small Indian village. Usually, she cleaned the vegetables with nails, and was served food on a banana leaf. Interestingly, the woman loved to cook fish and could catch her in the river.

Померла одна з найстаріших відеоблогерок у світі - Lifestyle 24
107-year-old Metaname was very popular on Youtube / Photo: Getty Images

It is known that on her YouTube channel of Country Foods was more than one million subscribers. To run it in 2016, the woman helped the grandson with his friend. Channel won wildly popular. Until PEQ, after the death of Masterami on the YouTube channel there is a video from the funeral diablowiki.

In a network it was called “grandmother with a toothless smile” and knew a dish “chicken in watermelon”. It is perfectly cooked eggplant curry and spicy fish curry.

Earlier, the 24 LifeStyle journalists wrote about how the 106-year-old Indian grandma is my cooking blog.

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