Died in Prague Ukrainian sculptor Mary Leontovich-Loshak

В Праге умерла украинский скульптор Мария Леонтович-Лошак

The niece of the author of “Shchedryk” has died on 94-m to year of life.

In the Czech capital on June 24 to 94-m to year of life died Mary Leontovich-mules – renowned sculptor and master of decorative arts, paternal – niece Ukrainian composer, author of the world famous “Shchedryk” by Mykola Leontovych.

Mary Leontovich-the mule was an active member of the Ukrainian community. During the Communist regime survived the reprisals against her family, particularly father, Ivan Leontovich (1893-1970) – translator, stenographer of the Central Rada (1918)

In 1952 she graduated from the Ukrainian Studio of plastic arts in Prague, was a pupil of the famous sculptor Konstantin Stakhovsky, which adopted the animalistic craze the plastic. Training continued at the Prague Academy of arts, graduating in 1953. Was a member of the Association of Czech fine art “manes” and the Prague Association of women artists “Femina”. Sang in Prague, the Ukrainian choir of St. Vladimir.

Works by Mary Leontovich-mules were exhibited at many exhibitions, one of the last in the author’s presence was opened in the Museum of the city of Roztoky u Prahy in 2018.