Died in the orphanage children will be buried with dignity

Умерших в приюте детей похоронят достойно

In Ireland, due to commence operation for the exhumation and dignified burial of the remains of children buried in a common grave at the former Catholic orphanage. Excavations will be conducted in the town of Tuam, on the site of a hostel for single mothers, over which were the patronage of the nuns from 1925 to 1961. Grew up here and survivors were told that in this house from malnutrition and disease killed a lot of children, who were buried like garbage.

Minister of Ireland juvenile Katherine Tappan said that every effort will be made to detect and retrieve all the remains. “It is our ultimate goal, this is what you need to do. This is right,” said the Minister.

In the house of the mother and child in Tuam were women who had children or became pregnant out of wedlock, a conservative part of the Catholic society of the time considered such unacceptable. Single mothers and their children were housed in inappropriate conditions. The scandal of Tuam broke out in 2014. Then in the archives of the shelter were found the documents confirming the death of nearly 800 children for 36 years of work shelter. It is assumed that the children died of starvation and disease. Unworthy and secretive manner of their burial caused anger and dissatisfaction among the Irish.

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