Died Jeffrey Epstein: the billionaire pimp, a pedophile, a blackmailer, a close friend of Clinton and trump

Умер Джефри Эпштейн: миллиардер, сутенер, педофил, шантажист, близкий друг Клинтона и Трампа

It was called first financier and billionaire, and then a pedophile and pimp. Clinton flew on his private plane called “the Lolita Express” 26 times, and trump called him “a terrific guy”. Prince Andrew, Tony Blair, woody Allen, Muhammad bin Salman, said to be very close to him knew. Who is Jeffrey Epstein and why his life ended in a prison cell – journalists found out 24 channels.

The Death Of Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein, accused of human trafficking, August 10, killed himself in the jail cell in Manhattan, new York. This was reported by several international news agencies.

He was 66 years of age, and in custody he was held from 7 July 2019. The lawyers asked the court to release him on bail – at least $ 100 million. But the court refused. Media said that two weeks ago Epstein already attempted suicide, and then found him in the chamber “in a semi-conscious state.”

Accuse Jeffrey Epstein of trafficking for sexual exploitation. The investigators found that the man in 2002-2005 in his mansion sought, including violence, under-age girls. Especially – money and blackmail (in the house everywhere was a hidden camera) forced the girls to be brought to him peers.

Epstein pleaded not guilty. Like, girls have sex with him voluntarily, and of their age, he did not know and had no doubt that they are over 18 years of age.

After the arrest of Epstein law enforcement officers searched his possessions. And found thousands of photos fully or partially naked women, including minors, all over the house. And safe found CDs with hand-made Epstein inscriptions and records of erotic content.

Of course, there were money and diamonds, and – interestingly – expired Austrian passport 1987 issue with photo of Epstein, but with another name. According to this passport, the owner lived in Saudi Arabia.

Business for 10 years

More than 10 years ago, Epstein was involved in the same business, but in 2008 made a plea deal: he pleaded guilty only in one episode – the involvement of minors into prostitution. Epstein has paid out multimillion-dollar compensation for dozens of its likely victims. However, the man was officially listed in the sex offenders register USA. Then Epstein served 13 months, although he could get even a lifetime.

Years passed, but not forgotten. This story caused a great resonance in American society. After all, Epstein was well acquainted with many influential people.

Among them, the President of the United States in 1993-2003, bill Clinton, billionaire and now the acting President of the United States Donald trump, Prince Andrew, former Prime Ministers of great Britain Tony Blair and Ehud Barak, the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, the Director of world renown woody Allen, the famous actor Kevin spacey, and many others.

By the way, a number of the victims of the harassment claimed that at parties Epstein, they were forced to have sexual relations with some of his guests.

Note that the agreement of 2008 for Epstein organized attorney Alexander Acosta (then – attorney in Florida). Besides the agreement, Acosta agreed to conceal from the victims of Epstein this information. And in November of 2018 newspaper the Miami Herald published its own investigation, to the case of Epstein and starring in it Acosta. Journalists managed to find more than 60 victims of violence by Epstein!

The investigation resumed in February 2019, the court held that the withholding of information from the victims was illegal. And what Acosta? Acosta February 2019 worked as the Secretary of labor in the administration of Donald trump. Resigned only after 5 days after the arrest of Epstein and noisy campaign against him.

“Amazing guy” Epstein

“Lolita Express.”

Epstein owned a private Boeing 727 called “Lolita Express” and was often traveling in it – usually with guests on Board. For example, in September 2002, Epstein flew to Africa with Clinton, Kevin spacey and Chris Tucker.

Flight records show that bill Clinton flew on the plane Epstein 26 times in at least 12 different locations outside of the United States. Clinton himself said that he flew with Epstein four times. Note, refers to the period when Clinton was the President of the United States.

Reviews of “fans”.

Profile of Epstein in New York in 2002, Donald trump said: “I know Jeff for 15 years. Amazing guy. It is very fun. They even say that he likes beautiful women as much as I do. And many of them on the younger side. Without a doubt, Jeffrey enjoys social life.”

In 2019 trump corrected himself: he said that 15 years does not communicate with the Epstein – communicates closely.

In 2003, billionaire Leslie Wexler is very flattering spoke of Him: “He is very clever, combining a sharp mind and extremely high professional standards. In addition, a devoted friend.”

In 2019, the representative Wexler told Forbes that Mr. Wexler had “terminated the relationship with Mr. Epstein for more than 10 years ago.”

Bill Clinton praised Epstein as a “devotee philanthropist” with a “vision and generosity”. Epstein served on the Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, was a significant donor to Harvard University, and funded by both major American parties – the Republicans and Democrats. However, Republicans – slightly less.

Billionaire? Not a fact.

About Epstein often say – “billionaire”. However, many experts and journalists doubt it. For the first time Epstein has called a billionaire in 2001, later in 2008, his lawyers insisted on it. However, the New York Times learned that the friends of Epstein called his estate “is more illusion than fact.”

Subsequently, Forbes published an article, “Why sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is not a billionaire”, where the experts noticed that after the global financial crisis of 2008 and when Epstein turned his really rich patrons, Sam Epstein has ceased to be really wealthy. Although, something it has in offshore.

In court documents 2019 appears that Epstein has assets of approximately $ 500 million. Or not: many publications are removed from their sites articles about the property of Epstein and his business or philanthropic investment. They say that these articles are just paid.

Умер Джефри Эпштейн: миллиардер, сутенер, педофил, шантажист, близкий друг Клинтона и Трампа

Умер Джефри Эпштейн: миллиардер, сутенер, педофил, шантажист, близкий друг Клинтона и Трампа

Умер Джефри Эпштейн: миллиардер, сутенер, педофил, шантажист, близкий друг Клинтона и Трампа