Died Marlen Khutsiev – the film “Spring on Zarechnaya street”

Умер Марлен Хуциев – режиссер фильма "Весна на Заречной улице"

In Russia died a Soviet Director Marlen Khutsiev, best known for the creation of the film “Spring on Zarechnaya street”. At the time of his death he was 93 years old.

Information about the death of the famous Director confirmed in the Union of cinematographers of Russia, reports TASS. According to them, Marlen Khutsiev died March 19 at 7 am.

3 days before the death of the Director’s unconscious found his only son Igor. The man was taken to the intensive care unit of a Moscow hospital. Doctors diagnosed Marlen Khutsiyev gastrointestinal bleeding and immediately helped him. However, to save the star of Soviet cinema and failed.

Before Christmas 93-year-old Marlen Khutsiev complained of feeling unwell. The man refused to be hospitalized without his wife Irina Solovieva. So the doctors put spouses in the same room. 4 Jan wife Marlena hutsieva died in intensive care.

Умер Марлен Хуциев – режиссер фильма "Весна на Заречной улице"

Died Marlen Khutsiev / TASS

Died Marlen Khutsiev: a biography of the Director

Marlen Khutsiev was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. In his youth he wanted to create films, so he entered the directing Department of Russian state Institute of cinematography.

Immediately after graduation, Marlene Hutsiev started working. For dozens of years of successful business he has created many famous movies, which were later included in the list classics of the Soviet cinema. In particular, Marlen Khutsiev directed the film “Spring on Zarechnaya street”, “Two Fedor”, “Zastava Ilyich”, “Epilogue”, “July rain”, “Infinity”. In 2019 on the big screens should have been released the last work of the Director “Nevechernyaya”. The film is based on a dialogue of two Russian writers Anton Chekhov and Leo Tolstoy.

Умер Марлен Хуциев – режиссер фильма "Весна на Заречной улице"

The shooting of the film “July rain” / TASS

It is still unknown where and when to bury Marlena hutsieva. According to preliminary information, farewell to the Director will be held at the cinema House in Moscow.