Died Perche Captan luvstep Karpaty

Помер перший капітан львівських "Карпат"

On Friday, June 21, stopped beating the heart of the former striker of FC Karpaty Lviv, a graduate of the Moscow football Alexander Fileeva. He died at 84 year of life. August 26 football player would have turned 85 years old.

In 1963, when it created the “Karpaty”, Filyaev was one of the most experienced players and became the first captain of the Lviv team.

In 1963 he played for Karpaty 34 games (5 goals). Also played for SKA Lviv and Drohobych “Neftyanik”.

Помер перший капітан львівських "Карпат"

Alexander Filyaev Photo: fckarpaty.com

“Alexander Evgenievich has worked for 44 years first as a physical education teacher, and then labor training, imparting his experience, his kindness and professionalism of the pupils of Lviv school №6. Being retired, was constantly aware of all the events in the life of Karpaty and the Ukrainian and international football”, – stated in the message of the Lviv club.

The team of the football club “Karpaty” veterans and fans of the team expressed their sincere condolences to the family Filewich.

On the causes of death of the legendary footballer is no information.