Died Rutger Hauer: biography, filmography and personal life of the actor

Умер Рутгер Хауэр: биография, фильмография и личная жизнь актера

Today, July 24, the whole world stunned tragic news: In the Netherlands, died a famous Hollywood actor Rutger Hauer. The death star came in his house. While details are not reported. In a sad day LifeStyle 24 journalists decided to recall what life was talented Rutger Hauer and what movies he will be remembered thousands of fans.

The representative of the actor Steve Kenis confirmed information about the death of 75-year-old Rutger Hauer. Journalists Variety managed to learn that the actor died on July 19 from a short-lived illness. However, what disease claimed the life of a famous Hollywood actor, is still unknown. Parting with Rutger Hauer was held in his native Netherlands on July 24.

The Biography Of Rutger Hauer

Promising actor Rutger Hauer born 23 January 1944 in the Dutch town of Breukelen. From childhood he knew that he will be in show business, because his father Arend Hauer was the acting teacher in the local College theatre, and my mother Tinqueux – teacher of courses in drama.

Rutger Hauer was not the only child in a family of actors. Near it grew the three sisters. However, to devote much time to the children’s parents could not: to feed children, they were forced to go on tour with a popular Dutch theatre. Their children are actors left the house in Amsterdam under the care of a babysitter. However, the love of the stage to the Rutger Hauer was genetically passed down: in 5 years, he debuted in the tragedy of Sophocles ‘ “Ajax”.

Apparently, the lack of attention of parents affected, after all, called the future of the actor model for young people difficult. Rutger Hauer was famous in the family unexpected antics. In particular, he once caused a fire by playing with matches and 15 years without the knowledge of the parents settled on the merchant ship of his grandfather. During his journey Rutger studied many other cultures have mastered English, German and French. However, because of hereditary blindness he was unable to pursue a career sailor.

Умер Рутгер Хауэр: биография, фильмография и личная жизнь актера

Rutger Hauer in his youth / The HotCorn

Back in the Netherlands, Rutger Hauer attended night school and worked as a scene decorator, car washer, carpenter and stuntman. In the movie “Travellers” 1986’s stand-in played a cameo role. It was then that the Dutch decided to become an actor, enrolling in theater school in Switzerland.

Skills to conquer Hollywood Rutger Hauer began to draw from the theater. After 2 years of service in the army he joined the Royal theatre.

Died Rutger Hauer: filmography of the actor

First, Rutger Hauer played a cameo role, in particular, in the film “Mr. Hawarden”. However, the popularity of the talented actor, they did not bring. Only after starring in the TV series “Floris” Rutger felt the first glimpses of glory. Then began his long collaboration with Director Paul Verhoven, which led the star to Hollywood.

Rutger Hauer is widely recognized for her role in the film “NIGHTHAWKS” in 1981. The main role in the film played by Sylvester Stallone, so the tandem of actors gained considerable popularity. In just a few years the name Rutger Hauer began to appear on posters of Hollywood movies and hundreds of fans wanted to get the autograph of the Netherlander. Received fees for the shoot the actor successfully invested, buying a luxury property on the coast of the California coast and in his native Netherlands.

Умер Рутгер Хауэр: биография, фильмография и личная жизнь актера

Rutger Hauer: the first roles / People

Over the years of acting career he played in more than 100 films. In particular, filmography Rutger Hauer: “Flesh and blood”, “blade Runner”, “the hitcher”, “Blind rage”, “Night hawks”, “seconds”, “Knockin’ on heaven”, “wanted: dead or alive”, “Blood of heroes”, “the bands of death”, “survival Game”, “call of the wild”, “Merlin”, “Dangerous game”, “Mata Hari”. For his work, the actor has received prestigious awards, among them two Golden globes.

Умер Рутгер Хауэр: биография, фильмография и личная жизнь актера

Died actor Rutger Hauer / Fox News

Personal life Rutger Hauer

The actor was married twice. 22 Rutger Hauer first married Heidi Froze. Soon the couple had a daughter Aisha. However, even the child is not forced Rutgers to stay in the family, because he believed from the beginning this marriage is a mistake.

After the divorce, Rutger Hauer met with artist and sculptor Ineke ten Kate, which immediately won the heart of the young actor. With her he went to the altar after 16 years of civil marriage. The wife was a real support for Rutger and accompanied him in all stages of success. In 1988, the couple had a son Leo.

Умер Рутгер Хауэр: биография, фильмография и личная жизнь актера

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