Died Steve Golin – Oscar-winning producer of the film “In the spotlight”

Умер Стив Голин – оскароносный продюсер фильма "В центре внимания"

Hollywood spread the sad news – the famous American film producer Steve Golin died on the 65th year of life. The man for a long time struggled with cancer, which probably left the world.

The loss in the world of American movies, reported the publication The Hollywood Reporter. The man died on Sunday, April 21, in Los Angeles. He is survived by two adult children, Ari and Anna.

What is known about Steve Golina?

Steve Golin born March 6, 1955, to a Jewish family. In 1976 he graduated from the school of the arts at new York University. Even after 10 years, he co-founded Propaganda Films. The man in 2000 also became the founder and head of Anonymous Content LLP, which is engaged in the development, production and management of multimedia.

As for his most famous production works in his creative summary, you can see the movie “the Game” (1997), “being John Malkovich” (1999), “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” (2004), “the Legend of Hugh glass” (2015) , as well as series “True detective” (2014), “Mr. Robot” (2015). In General, Steve Golin became the producer of nearly one hundred films.

Watch the trailer of the movie “the Legend of Hugh glass” 2015:

Regarding the prizes of the late Steve golina, his ingenious producing talents have noted the best film award in the world. In particular, a man three times nominated for an Oscar for the film “Babel” (2006), “the Legend of Hugh glass” (2015) and “In the spotlight” (2016) – here he is with a camera crew received the cherished statuette in the category “best film”. In 1990, Steve Golin with other participants of the shooting process also received an award at the Cannes film festival – “Golden palm” for the film Wild at heart.

Умер Стив Голин – оскароносный продюсер фильма "В центре внимания"

Steve Golin (left) at the Oscars in 2016 / Getty Images