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Померла найшвидша жінка на землі. Дивовижна історія гонщиці Кітті О’ніл - 24 Канал

In the United States at the age of 72 years died the fastest woman on the planet, stunt woman and racer kitty o’neil. She belonged to 22 speed records on land and water.

Kitty o’neil was born in 1946 in the state of Texas in the United States. When she was five months old, had disappeared with a rumor. So kitty could communicate, his mother had taught kitty to read lips and speak.

In his youth, the girl decided that she wanted to do diving, and a late start to prepare for the competition. Kitty was hoping that it would help her get a spot on the Olympic team. However, she was seriously injured, and later fell ill with meningitis of the spinal cord, so sporting ambitions had to be forgotten.

Померла найшвидша жінка на землі. Дивовижна історія гонщиці Кітті О’ніл - 24 Канал

Kitty didn’t think her recovery, she began water-skiing, skydiving, scuba diving, and even hang gliding.

In the 70-ies kitty was diagnosed with cancer, but she coped with it. When the pain faded, o’neill set a speed record for water skiing among women – she clocked on 168,74 kilometer per hour.

A few years later she drove on the dry lake bed on the three-wheeled car with a jet engine on hydrogen peroxide, accelerating it up to 824 kilometers per hour. So it has become the fastest racer in history, and his record so far no one has surpassed.

As kitty o’neil became nabidkou woman on Earth: watch the video

So kitty began her career kaskaderi. Since 1977, o’neill became the understudy to the female lead role in the TV series “Wonder woman”. On account of the o’neill 52 series and two record. She jumped from the height of the height of 39 meters, she did not no stuntman. Later, the woman surpassed himself and jumped from a height of 55 meters from the helicopter.

Her career she completed in 1982, when the death of her fellow stuntmen. Just for the life o’neill has set 22 world records.

About it made the biographical film “Quiet victory: the story of kitty o’neil”. The main role is played by Stockard Channing, and all the stunts she performed kitty.

Original: BBC. Adaptation: TSN

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