Died Vladimir Etush: what is known about the star of “the Caucasian captive”

Умер Владимир Этуш: что известно о звезде "Кавказской пленницы"

Soviet actor Vladimir Etush died March 9, 2019. LifeStyle 24 the journalists decided to recall what life was like for the stars of “the Caucasian captive” and what kind of roles he is famous.

About the death of 96-year-old actor said the Director of the State academic theatre named after E. Vakhtangov Kirill KROK, who collaborated with him until the last days of life. According to him, March 8, Vladimir Etush was admitted to the hospital and the next day the doctors informed the relatives about the death of the actor.

It is still unknown where and when will the farewell to star of the Soviet cinema. LifeStyle 24 the journalists decided to recall what was the way of life of the famous Vladimir Etush.

Умер Владимир Этуш: что известно о звезде "Кавказской пленницы"

Died Vladimir Etush – star of Soviet cinema / TASS

Died Vladimir Etush: a biography of the actor

Born Vladimir Etush in Moscow on may 6, 1922. The father of the Soviet actor was the owner of a small notions shop, and his mother is a housewife. The family lived Etush in a house with spacious 4 rooms, which at the time was considered a luxury.

The first thing I remember in my childhood, was Andrew’s Church in Serebryanichesky the alley In the Church were still nuns. Then the Church turned into a warehouse, and the alley in the dirty street, which was just out my window
recalled when on parental housing Vladimir Etush.

At school Vladimir Etush loved to participate in the planned celebrations. He willingly went on stage, where artfully recited poetry and played in student productions. Therefore, the future actor dreamed of the big stage. After the outbreak of the Second world war, Vladimir Etush decided to postpone their plans to conquer the Soviet show business and join the ranks of the military. At the front he was in a small detachment, which participated in the battles.

Умер Владимир Этуш: что известно о звезде "Кавказской пленницы"

Vladimir Etush was at the front / 24cm

After the war, Vladimir Etush successfully graduated from the acting Department of Theatre school named after BV Shchukin in Moscow. After that, he began his career in the Metropolitan theatres. Subsequently, Vladimir Etush played iconic roles in the movies.

Filmography Of Vladimir Etush

In the theatre his career Vladimir Abramovich began with a colorful and comedic episodes. The first notable role of the actor became a servant of the Luans in the Comedy of William Shakespeare’s “Two gentlemen of Verona”. Duo favorite Shakespeare servants simpletons was built on improvisation and required from the artists complete freedom, inventiveness, responsiveness, and great charisma, was able to demonstrate to Vladimir Etush. This role of the actor became one of the most popular in his creative Arsenal.

No less striking was his work in the Soviet cinema. Debuted Vladimir Etush in 1953 in the film “Admiral Ushakov”. Subsequently, he skillfully turned into the heroes of the movie “the President”, “the Old, old tale”, “the Twelve chairs”, “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”, “Incorrigible liar”, the “Brave boys”, “the Three Musketeers”, etc. Perhaps, the greatest glory Soviet star was for the role of head of ricompresa Saahova in “Caucasian captive, or New adventures Shurik”, who wanted to marry the willful beauty.

After painting the screens friends warned me to be careful – they say that Caucasians can be beat. But it turned out quite the opposite. Somehow came on the market, so I was there almost on hands started to wear. From all sides surrounded, were vying to buy. We have met as native. Although, as I understand it, the Azeris believed that Caax is Armenian, the Armenians believed that he was Azeri, the Georgians also took clearly not his… And everyone was pleased. Especially me
– shared earlier Vladimir Etush.

After the death of the Soviet actor, his fans flooded the network with nagging messages. In addition, YouTube has a clip from the best roles of Vladimir Etush.

See fragments the filmography of Vladimir Etush: video