Diesel passenger cars in Russia don’t like

Дизельные легковые авто в России не любят

At the beginning of this year Russian car fleet consisted of about 43.5 million cars. As found by analysts, the share of vehicles with diesel engine under the hood had only about 5%, and more specifically 2.19 million units. Not so much, isn’t it? Cars on heavy fuel which brands often come across on roads?

Most popular cars with diesel engines, was a “Japanese” Toyota had a share of 17.7%, or 387 of 800 cars. The second line is products of Mitsubishi: its of cars registered in the territory of the Russian Federation approximately 195 500 units. Three leaders closes the Volkswagen with a figure of 183 400 copies.

In fourth position is the diesel BMW: there are 180 of 100 pieces. A little less than the Russians of all cars on the diesel brand Nissan – 144 500 cars. Next in order in the TOP-10 set: range Rover number 133 200, Mercedes-Benz (127 500 cars), SsangYong (114 700 cars), KIA (95 100 cars) and Hyundai (90 400).

It should be noted that the main advantage of t/C diesel engine – efficiency and high-traction characteristics. At the same time in Europe refuse to take these motors because of environmental considerations: not their from Mitsubishi and Suzuki, Porsche actually going to switch completely to electricity. But Skoda remains true to the diesels, however, as the BMW company, which considers its units on heavy fuel among the best in the world.