“Diet” soda drinks are extremely dangerous for health – 24 Channel

"Дієтичні" газовані напої вкрай небезпечні для здоров'я - 24 Канал

The so-called “diet” sodas with sugar substitutes, in particular, of the circle can trigger a stroke.

This was stated by the experts of the Association of cardiologists from the United States, according to “Country of health”.

The so-called “diet” sodas are very popular, because, as advertised, they will not add extra pounds.

But actually this is not so. In particular, diet Cola increases the risk of stroke, and can cause a number of health problems.


If you consume a glass of diet pop daily, the risk of stroke increases three times.

And even drinks with artificial sweeteners increase the risk of neurodegenerative diseases (a large group of heterogeneous diseases of the nervous system).

Food app aspartame may enter the human body in toxic compounds. Using this sparkling water is very dangerous for health.


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