Dinosaurs flourished, despite climate change – scientists

Динозавры процветали, несмотря на климатические изменения - ученые

Scientists from Imperial College London said that the dinosaurs flourished until the fall chekalovskoe asteroid was not on the brink of extinction due to climate change. As reported by Naked science, the researchers modeled the environmental change and the spread of the dinosaurs in North America.

“The results of our work suggest that dinosaurs were, in General, adaptable animals, able to cope with environmental changes and climatic fluctuations that took place over the last million years of the Cretaceous period,” said the study’s lead author Alessandro Chiarenza.

Scientists believe that prolonged periods of climate change has not had a negative impact on the latter stages of the Cretaceous period. In addition, according to them, previous studies had underestimated the number of species at that time.

During this period, the continent was divided into two parts by a large inland sea. In the West, there was a constant flow of deposits from the newly formed Rocky mountains, which created ideal conditions for fossilization of the dinosaurs after their death. The Eastern part of the continent, by contrast, was characterized by conditions that are less suitable for fossilization.

In the new study, the researchers conducted “modeling ecological niches”. This allowed to simulate conditions such as the environment, such as temperature and precipitation is necessary for the survival of each species. The researchers then noted where on the continent and at what time could appear in similar conditions.

This has allowed paleontologists to create a picture of where a group of dinosaurs could survive when conditions change, not only where we found their fossils. The team found that habitats capable of supporting different groups of dinosaurs, was more common in the late Cretaceous period, but they were in areas where fossils could not be preserved.