Director of the Berlinale approvingly commented on the film about the Holodomor

Директор Берлинале одобрительно прокомментировал фильм о Голодоморе

Dieter Goat called the film very interesting and noted that the film difficult to watch, but these tapes must exist for reminders

Historical Thriller Agnieszka Holland about the famine “Gareth Jones”, filmed in co-production of Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, entered in the main competition programme at the 69-th Berlin film festival.

The head of the festival Dieter Goat gave the ribbon a high rating. “This is a very interesting film. Very well done,” he said.

Dieter Goat said that the deaths of millions of people in Ukraine in the early 1930s, the murder by starvation was “the most appalling time did not exist”. All this shown in the film and shown in a very dramatic colors, said the Director of the Berlinale.

The story of how the people starved, the eyes of a Western journalist who in the Soviet time has arrived to Soviet Union in order to interview Stalin and accidentally found out about the situation in Ukraine. “It’s not only a film about the Holodomor, this is a film about politics and about the relationship between the poles of global power,” commented Buster.

He added that he “tried not to talk about this now, it will speak. This is a story about what politics can do to people.”

“I knew about this story. I knew that there was malnourishment, one of the greatest tragedies in world history. But to be honest, I didn’t know about the connection with the story of Arbela and all this political history between the USSR, on the one hand, and USA on the other, between diplomacy, on the situation of the American press. After all, when American media was the report from Jones, they said it was a lie, because their Ambassador was told quite another. it’s all in this film is very clearly reflected. Such films, no matter how difficult it was to watch them, should serve as a reminder” – said the Goat.

Director of the festival expressed their support for illegally convicted in Russia Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, detained in a Russian prison.

The world premiere of “Gareth Jones” is scheduled for February 10.

Директор Берлинале одобрительно прокомментировал фильм о Голодоморе

Директор Берлинале одобрительно прокомментировал фильм о Голодоморе