Director of the Berlinale: festival Organizers are doing everything to release Sentsov

Директор Берлинале: Организаторы фестиваля делают все для освобождения Сенцова

Members of the Academy, as well as the participants and the organizers of the Berlinale are doing everything possible to free the Ukrainian political prisoner, Director Oleg Sentsov. This told the Director of the Berlinale Dieter Goat, reports UKRINFORM.

“Support does not have to be public, “the work goes on behind the scenes,” said the Goat, noting that in the framework of the forthcoming festival are no “loud” actions in this regard do not plan to. According to him, to do something significant very difficult.

“But, believe me, we in any case will not forget a colleague Sentsov, and we will do all that I can do,” promised Buster.

Goat is also called a historical Thriller Agnieszka Holland about the famine “Gareth Jones”, filmed in co-production of Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom a very interesting film that is well made.

He noted that the deaths of millions of people in Ukraine in the early 1930s, the murder by starvation was “the worst time was generally” that is shown in the film in a very dramatic colors.