Disabling “x-ray” camera OnePlus 8 Pro was a mistake

Отключение «рентгеновской» камеры OnePlus 8 Pro было ошибкой

The other day OnePlus started sending out the update to owners of global version OnePlus 8 Pro that disabled monochrome camera that can “see” through certain materials. And this despite the original promise not to take such a step. Now it became known that the company simply made a mistake.

The owners of the flagship OnePlus 8 Pro was extremely dissatisfied by the fact that the company started off monochrome camera, although the manufacturer promised to do it only in the version for the Chinese market that runs on the firmware HydrogenOS. In response to numerous complaints on the official forum OnePlus appeared the following statement:

“I apologize for the confusion, but this is OTA-update was accidentally sent to a limited number of devices. We re-enable this filter with the next OTA update”, – wrote the representative of the OnePlus.

It’s unclear whether OnePlus by mistake released an update that disables the camera in the global version of the smartphone, or this statement was the result of a negative reaction from the community.

Отключение «рентгеновской» камеры OnePlus 8 Pro было ошибкой