“Disappointment and destruction!” In the “DNR” has complained of Russia in the memorial sign

''Разочарование и разруха!'' В ''ДНР'' пожаловались на Россию в памятном знаке

In terrorist “DNR” began to be minted tokens with a complaint that Donbass is not part of Russia.

They were dedicated to the annexation of the Crimea. On one side of the “coin” the terrorists congratulated the Crimean people, and the other complained that Russia does not need them. Photos published on Twitter journalist Denis Kazan.

“Drowsy” is a coin minted focuses on how Russia threw them. First time I see such – to humiliation and offense dedicated memorials”, – signed photo of the journalist.

Pictures of coins appeared on the page “Goznak” in one of social networks. They depict the inscription “the Donbass is not Russia” and “frustration, devastation, despair.” Top also written: “Not all Russians are equally necessary.”