Discharged Sabitova ridiculed because of the “cheap” dresses

Разряженную Сябитову осмеяли из-за "дешевого" платья

Outfit leading disappointed users of the Network.

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Rose Sabitova showed followers her new dress. The kids are very pleased with the all-Russian matchmaker, but some members are very critical about the post celebrities.

Sabitova told that a long time dream of a dress in the style of 60-ies. Host of the show “let’s get married!” posted on his page on “Instagram” photo in colorful attire, and next placed the model in a dress of similar style.

“I love the clothes in the style of the mods, especially the dresses of 50-60-ies”, – signed celebrity post.

However, according to some subscribers, rose shouldn’t have put himself next to the model.

“Rose. Well, why would you expose yourself to ridicule?! The photos of this sophisticated lovely lady and your, well, like Heaven and Earth. Or as the car “Zaporozhets” and “Bentley, “was the dress villager”, “Cheap” – written by spiteful critics.

However, many have found that new dress perfectly sits on a celebrity, and she Sabitova looks young and fresh.

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