Disclosed the identity of the first person infected with coronavirus

Раскрыта личность первого человека, заразившегося коронавирусом

Chinese media identified “patient zero”, who first contracted the coronavirus.

According to TV channel “360”, the first patients was a woman by the name of Wei, which was engaged in trade in live shrimp in the market, “huanan”. She became ill on 11 December. Wu Wei went to the hospital, but she decided not to lie down at home and got an injection at the clinic on the first floor of her house and went to work. There she became worse, reports mir24.tv.

Feeling vey has not improved after the second injection. The doctors of another hospital was also unable to help her, she decided to lie down at home, and on December 16 went to the hospital “Xiehe” in Graciosa University of science and technology. There she was diagnosed with coronavirus.

Reports of an outbreak of coronavirus appeared 31 Dec. Then cases were 27 people. 24 of them were associated with the market “huanan”, four of them members of the same family. 11 people from the first group of cases, like Wei, was initially treated at small hospitals. All these institutions are now closed.

First the ill person, who had no connection with the market, became man surnamed Chen, the first symptoms appeared on December 16. The Chinese do not understand, where he contracted from market man lives 30 kilometres and never been there.

According to the latest who data, the world is already infected more than 414 thousand people, more than 18 thousand died. According oberstab against new coronavirus infection on Thursday, only in Russia was 840 cases cases of coronavirus in 56 regions.