Disclosed the truth about the average salary in Ukraine: “100% less”

Раскрыта правда о средней зарплате в Украине: «100% меньше»

Average salary calculated by the state statistic Committee, does not reflect the real situation in the country

According to gosstat, in December 2018, the average salary in Ukraine amounted 10573 hryvnia. However, these numbers do not reflect the real situation in the country. This drew the attention of the head of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

“When we began to look for sources, I realized that this is not the average wage, which actually is in our country. Because there are data of the state statistics, and there are details of the Pension Fund,” he said.

He noted that in their calculations, the state statistics account for only 10-20% of the largest enterprises, which employ the largest number of Ukrainians. At the same time remain unaccounted for 90% of private enterprises or Popov with the average number of employees of about three people.

In this regard, according to Doroshenko, more reliable data for the average salary in the country has a Pension Fund. According to him, in November last year it was 8300 UAH, while according to the state statistics, the average salary for the month in Ukraine amounted to 9300 UAH. Thus, the figures of the two agencies differed by 13%.

“The data of the Pension Fund – more faithful, because they rely on 100% of enterprises and entrepreneurs of our country. At the same time, the state statistics service, even in the method used, write that these figures are only indicative, and it is necessary to use more accurate data. And those are exactly the data of the Pension Fund,” – said Doroshenko.

He added that the Pension Fund will provide its data on the average salary in December only two weeks. Then it will be possible to determine the approximate size of this index, the expert said, adding that he will be 100% less than 10 thousand hryvnia.

“But we 100% will see an average wage somewhere at the level of 9,700-9,800 UAH”, – said the expert.

Раскрыта правда о средней зарплате в Украине: «100% меньше»

Раскрыта правда о средней зарплате в Украине: «100% меньше»