Discount rate: the Finance Ministry welcomed the decision of the NBU, but was hoping for more “minus”

Учетная ставка: Минфин приветствует решение НБУ, но надеялся на больший "минус"

The Ministry of Finance is satisfied with the decision of the Board of the National Bank to reduce interest rates.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova.

“The NBU reduced the discount rate to 17%. Given the actual rate of inflation, the Finance Ministry is of course secretly hoping for more lowering rates, because the discount rate directly affects the cost of placing Treasury bonds in local currency, but I’m glad that the NBU has maintained a downward trend,” wrote Markarova.

She reminded that the Ministry of Finance successfully implements its medium term strategy on state debt management and, despite a pause in cooperation with the IMF, extends the term of the borrowing, reduces their cost and reduces the national debt.

“Plus we focusareas to the official, concessional financing (world Bank, makrofin EU guarantee to the other partner countries), which is longer and much cheaper than market borrowings. At the same time, market rates as of hryvnia resources in the country, depending on the discount rate and monetary resources is still really quite high,” said Markarov.