Discovered the incredible ability of the deadly infection

Обнаружена невероятная способность смертельной инфекции

At the University of Alberta in Canada, scientists have discovered the mechanism of action of one of the most dangerous and widespread pathogens of respiratory infections – respiratory syncytial virus. These studies appeared in the journal of Sciense Daily.

This virus infects a human cell and the greatest danger is for young children. Vaccines against infection does not exist.

It turned out that the virus attaches to the cell wall and remains in this state for several hours, and then penetrates and infects her. Scientists have learned that the key role in the infection plays a cellular receptor nucleolin.

Under normal conditions, nucleolin is inside the cell. It turned out that the virus has learned to trigger nucleolin on the surface of cells if using a door bell. To do this, it binds to the receptor IGF1R protein and PKC-zeta. It helps him to run inside the cell, the signal causing nucleolin on the surface of cells.

Scientists hope to learn how to operate the virus early in its development, before the acquisition of this evolutionary ability. The study of this mechanism may help to save up to 200 thousand people die from infection annually.