Discovered the oldest theatre in London

Обнаружен старейший театр Лондона

Archaeologists have discovered in the historic Whitechapel area of London remains the city’s oldest theatre Red lion (Red Lion).

Theatre “Red lion” appeared at the tavern of the same name in 1567. According to historical records, the theater was built by John Braine (John Brayne). Later, he, along with James Barbage (James Burbage) built the theatre in Shoredich, where in 1590-ies staged plays young William Shakespeare.

About the theatre “Red lion” known from the court records. In 1567 and 1569 were two of the trial between the owner, John Brain, and carpenters who worked in the theater.

Archaeologists and historians have long been interested in location of the red lion. However, just last year, excavations in Whitechapel have revealed an unusual rectangular wooden structure with a size of 12.27 by 9.27 meters. According to archeologists it was a theater. Around her were able to detect protrusions, which could be seats for spectators.

Also traces the eponymous restaurant nearby. Among the findings – numerous cups, ceramic cups, beer mugs, and drinking bottles. According to the findings until the XVIII century there were drinking strong drinks.