Discussed Merkel and Putin in the Kremlin

Что обсуждали Меркель и Путин в Кремле

For the first time in five years, the German Chancellor, arrived in Moscow at the invitation of the Russian President. Four hours Merkel and Putin discussed Iran, military conflicts in Libya and Syria, “Nord stream-2” and the Ukrainian agreement.

On Saturday, January 11, the leaders of Russia and Germany Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) has scheduled a meeting in the Kremlin. Journalists – both Russian and German, crowding at the entrance to the Spassky gate, joked that now, when in Moscow the first Christmas snow fell, Vladimir Putin will take Merkel to show it.

And although Chancellor really was last in the Kremlin in may of 2015 in the official minutes of any walking did not appear. Merkel arrived without delay and purely business. The Russian President, contrary to expectations, not too late and even in the afternoon of the third day politicians shook hands for the cameras of journalists in the Executive office of the Senate Palace of the Kremlin. Putin thanked the German colleague because she accepted the invitation. Stressed that the meeting will discuss “the most pressing issues.” “I always say it’s better to talk to each other than about each other”, – said Merkel.

The Ministers of foreign Affairs of both countries Sergey Lavrov and Heiko Wt (Neco Maas) – was watching the meeting from behind the operators. After legal shooting employees of the Federal security service of the President (FSS) tried to quickly vacate the premises by journalists. In the hall was to remain only the leaders and translators. Went to Maas, who hesitated in the doorway. “Go, go,” he hurried his fsoshnik in Russian, pointing to the exit. The Minister was surprised, said nothing and left.

Berlin will become the center for solving crisis in 2020

First, Putin and Merkel had to communicate in private, then to continue the talks during a working lunch with delegations of the two countries. The meeting was delayed – instead of two scheduled hours were in session for almost four. Then Putin and Merkel gave a short press conference, briefly spoke about the outcome of “productive” as each one put it, meeting.

Angela Merkel, in particular, has announced an international conference in Berlin on Libya. It will be held under the auspices of the UN. “This conference can only be a starting point in resolving the conflict. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid that too many outside countries to influence the situation, and the Libyan interests has been in the background. Putin has supported a German initiative, calling it “very timely.” According to him, the conference will bring results, but only if the decisions are pre-negotiates with the warring Libyan parties.

It is obvious that in the first half of Berlin will become one of the centers for the solution of global crises. In the capital of Germany will pass and the conference on Libya, and the summit “channel four”. That in itself is a kind of prelude to the German presidency in the EU Council in the second half of 2020.

Iran and Ukraine: the consensus in conflict resolution

Separately, Vladimir Putin did not speak about Ukrainian shot down “Boeing” near Tehran. Unlike Angela Merkel, who called openly discuss the consequences of the tragedy that you want to reach. “176 an innocent man is dead…. Now a solution must be found with those States, where were those people who died… It really is a very dramatic event. Therefore, in the case of Iraq, we will also make every effort to fight terrorism and to reduce the intensity of the situation in the region”, – said the German Chancellor at a press conference.

Predictable also discussed settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, which Putin made a reservation, the first called “Iran’s internal”. He stressed that, ideally, Ukraine should make a law on the special status of Donbass indefinite.

Putin on the “Nord stream-2″ and mercenaries from PMC ” Wagner “

After the report of the meeting reporters were allowed to ask questions – two from the German and Russian media. Vladimir Putin first asked about the supposed two thousand mercenaries PMC “Wagner” in Libya. Informed about such figure said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Putin said that if Libya and are Russian citizens, they do not represent the interests of Russia and does not receive money from the state. “Generally in the zones of conflict all sorts of mercenaries,” he said.

The journalists were also interested in whether Russia can build the pipeline “Nord stream-2” without foreign partners. Putin assured that it is real, but in this case the completion is postponed for a few months. The pipeline will run either until the end of 2020, or “in the first quarter of next year.” Merkel also assured that if you need help from Germany, Russia will get it.

Unanimity and support of steel, in fact, the keynote of the Moscow meeting. In this case, all disputed issues between the countries, Putin and Merkel decided this time to leave behind the scenes.

Что обсуждали Меркель и Путин в Кремле

Что обсуждали Меркель и Путин в Кремле

Что обсуждали Меркель и Путин в Кремле