Discussing the release of Lisa Galkina on the podium

В Сети обсуждают выход Лизы Галкиной на подиум

In thinking about why star parents make their kids models.

What to do prosperous Moscow wives of rich men? A dozen years ago, this question was answered “Rublevsky wife,” Oksana Robski. She decided to write a book about his life, and even succeeded.

With the growing success of the creative Association of Comedy Production with its participants, a lot of money, and the wives, in the absence of the need to work a lot of free time. So the wife of comedian, singer and actor Alexander Revva decided to realize his dream and launch his own line of children’s clothing.

In fashion shows of children’s collections of Angelica Revva attended by children of Russian celebrities – and to support aspiring interior designer, and to satisfy parental ambitions.

In dresses design Angelica Revva on the podium were the children of Alla Pugacheva and showman Maxim Galkin. Lisa dress including wedding dress daughter of the Diva has naturally given the main room on the catwalk. True, reminds Newsmir.info the audience considered that to dress up the girl in stressed adult outfit inappropriate.

In addition, on the catwalk escorting his son Sasha prodyusersha Yana Rudkovskaya. To the public and all are critical: in the memory of the Network users still alive scandal when Rudkovskaya first quite seriously stated that punishes five year old boy “with a belt and a dark room”, and when the public protested, hastily retracted his words.

В Сети обсуждают выход Лизы Галкиной на подиум

В Сети обсуждают выход Лизы Галкиной на подиум