“Disgusting”: the widow Karachentsov complained on holiday abroad friends

"Противно": вдова Караченцова пожаловалась на отдыхающих за границей друзей

The actress could not leave the country due to the pandemic coronavirus.

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Famous actress Lyudmila Porgina complained about not being able to go to your favorite cottage in Bulgaria. Every summer they vacationed there with her husband Nikolay Karachentsovu. Now, there is a barrier – closed air borders due to pandemic coronavirus. The actress adds, their friends resting by the sea, which she was very jealous.

Lyudmila Andreevna explained that the house at one of the resorts in Bulgaria have built son a few years ago. Together with her husband Nicholas, the actress went there to relax just for three months, and therefore did not issue a residence permit. Because of the availability of this document, the friends actress has “walking by the sea and eat strawberries,” and she can’t fly to them, writes “Interlocutor”.

“I envy and say to them: “I’m disgusted to hear from you!, – added Porgina.

Widow Karachentsov explained the necessary documents earlier, she did not execute because at a certain time always flew with her husband to take the tests and undergo treatment in Russia. Now, as for the infection, the actress can’t get to Bulgaria, she hatched a new plan.

As told by the artist herself, as soon as all restrictions will be removed, she immediately engaged in registration of necessary papers. Lyudmila Andreevna has concluded, this will help the relatives.

By the way, Polina rarely communicates with the media. Last year the actress publicly made a Frank admission. She said that after the death of Nicholas Karachentsova no longer wants to get married.