Disney brought James Gunn to the position of Director of “Guardians of the galaxy 3”

Disney вернула Джеймса Ганна на должность режиссера "Стражей галактики 3"

Studio Disney has decided to restore James Gunn for the posts of Director and screenwriter of the film “Guardians of the galaxy 3”. According to Deadline, the information was confirmed by representatives of the Studio and Director.

It is noted that the decision to return was made by Ganna Studio a few months ago. The head of Walt Disney Studios Alan horn and Marvel representatives have met several times with the Director to discuss the situation. Whereas a public apology to Gunn and his behavior, horn decided to restore the Director.

However, returning to work on “Guardians of the galaxy 3” is complicated by the fact that Gunn agreed to work on a new “suicide Squad” for Warner Bros. Marvel agreed to postpone production of the third “Guardians” before the Director finishes work on the film by DC comics.