Disney opens a subscription to a private service with cartoons and films

Компания Disney открывает подписку на собственный сервис с мультфильмами и кинолентами

Representatives of one of the most popular movie companies of the world announced good news for fans of creations from Walt Disney. Soon the organization will provide access to the Disney Plus service at an affordable payment.

Rapid development of large-scale Disney the representatives of the organizations announced in early February. Then it became known that the company intends to invest $ 500 million in the production of content for its streaming service. A few days ago on the newspaper’s website The Verge reported that the improvements will be available soon.

On the streaming service Disney Plus that can be connected to mobile phones, smart televisions and devices such as games consoles, will be presented a lot of novelties from the company.

Free access will be cartoons, films, creations from Pixar, ribbons Marvel Studios, National Geographic and new projects from Disney. The ride will cost 6.99 USD/month or $ 70/year. To obtain a subscription will be in November 2019.