Display different versions of Redmi K20 Pro “dispersed” using unofficial firmware

Дисплей различных версий Redmi K20 Pro «разогнали» с помощью неофициальной прошивки

High refresh rate the screen has become one of the trends of the mobile market along with productive iron. But as it turned out to become the owner of the device with the modern characteristics of the display, the gadget does not necessarily change. With the help of software tools enthusiasts were able to “drive” the matrix of popular smartphone Xiaomi Redmi and to values significantly higher than designed by the manufacturer.

Enthusiasts were able to “squeeze” out of the screen Redmi K20 Pro, running Android 10, a refresh rate of 72 Hz, unlocking hidden settings in the operating system kernel. For devices running ninth revision of the “green robot” available values 75 and 81 Hz. When this modification was subjected to both Chinese and global versions of the gadgets.

Files to unlock the desired characteristics of the matrix already published in the public domain. Similarly adjusted settings for Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, which is hardware identical to the Redmi K20 Pro. Mod developers also announced the upcoming release of the appropriate firmware for Xiaomi Mi9 (84 Hz).

It should be noted that the unlock sequence frequency updates require root access, which entails the loss of official warranty. In addition, increasing the refresh rate of the display can damage the matrix of the gadget. Previously, users were subjected to a similar modification of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20, having intermediate values of scan rate to 96 Hz.

Дисплей различных версий Redmi K20 Pro «разогнали» с помощью неофициальной прошивки