Display OnePlus 7 Pro recognized the best on the market

Дисплей смартфона OnePlus 7 Pro признали лучшим на рынке

Even before the official presentation of the smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro experts from DisplayMate stated that it has already managed to test the new car and gave her the highest rating. Immediately after the announcement of experts published a detailed report about the possibilities of OLED-matrix of the new smartphone.

As reported 4PDA, according to DisplayMate, OnePlus 7 Pro is equipped with “an impressive display with high performance levels.”

What categories were taken into account for the evaluation of display? In particular, the unit managed to set several records in the consolidated ranking of mobile devices. Special attention employees DisplayMate gave the following values:

  1. The maximum absolute accuracy (0,8 JNCD).
  2. The low reflectivity of the screen (4,6%).
  3. The largest private colors (111% DCI-P3 and 140% of sRGB / Rec.709).
  4. The slightest change in brightness when changing viewing angle (22% at 30 degrees).
  5. The highest contrast ratio (nominally infinite).

Дисплей смартфона OnePlus 7 Pro признали лучшим на рынке

Display characteristics OnePlus 7 Pro

The results of the research. According to the results of detailed studies of the OnePlus 7. Pro got a very good rating in all categories except bias blue color with viewing angle 30 degrees – 5,9 JNCD. It did not affect the total score of the gadget, because the shift of the blue color is less noticeable than in the case of red and green.

OnePlus 7 Pro equipped with a very impressive display for smartphones with an almost perfect calibration and precision performance that are not visually differ from the ideal,
– said DisplayMate.

Other smartphones with great displays. As previously reported, the smartphone has received the highest rating of A + and shared the first place with the previously tested Samsung Galaxy S10, the Apple iPhone and Google Max Xs 3 Pixel XL in the category “best mobile display”.

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