Dissatisfied with the quality of its “Mercedes” canadian arrived to search for truth in Germany

Недовольный качеством своего «Мерседеса» канадец прилетел искать правду в Германию

Poorly Mercedes-Benz was again the center of the scandal. An unpleasant incident occurred in Canada. The wheel of the year-old Mercedes-Benz S550 is jammed during the movement. After the accident, the owner refuses to drive a car and requires to exchange it for a new one. No luck so far.

The story began in 2017, when a resident of a multinational Canada named Da Tong Yang bought his beloved wife a premium Mercedes-Benz S550. Then he thought of the car one of the safest and most luxurious in the world. But after a year the car value of 155 thousand canadian dollars (about 8 million) on the move jammed a wheel. Brakes, thankfully, did not refuse, so the car is only slightly poked his nose into a concrete wall.

Faulty Mercedes-Benz was towed back to the dealership in Richmond. The autopsy showed that the cause was a defective steering rack. Item was replaced and tried to return the car owners. But the couple didn’t want to risk my life. They were asked to return the money or replace the vehicle new. The dealer refused.

There followed a series of trials that also ended with nothing. Mercedes-Benz Canada denies that the problem with the steering was affected by the brake or vehicle safety.

Then in January 2020 Yes Tong Yang crossed the ocean to personally complain of my trouble to the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. A German friend helped him to arrange a meeting with a representative of the company. According to Da Tong Yang, he wanted to find justice not only for themselves but also for other car owners caught in a similar situation. Since news of the Mercedes-Benz canadian had no more except a short email, which says that the company will deal with this issue.

In the spring of 2019, a similar incident occurred in China. The woman decided to make a gift for the 30th anniversary and bought a brand new Mercedes CLS 300 for 660,000 yuan (almost $ 100 thousand). However, on the way out of the dealership she found the engine leaking oil. The dealer initially refused to acknowledge the problem.

The situation has received wide publicity, and scandal. Mercedes-Benz even had to hire security guards for your stand at the Shanghai motor show. In the end, the company’s head office in China has brought the dissatisfied customer a formal apology, promised to exchange the defective Mercedes-Benz new and to reimburse all financial losses.