Distribution release Slax 9.7

Выпуск дистрибутива Slax 9.7

Available release compact Live distribution Slax 9.7. Since last year the distribution is transferred with the developments of the project Slackware on a batch base Debian package Manager APT and the systemd init system. The graphical environment is built based on the FluxBox window Manager and desktop/launcher interface xLunch specially designed for Slax project participants. The boot image is 255 MB (amd64, i386).

In the new version in the distribution package included the driver of usb-modeswitch to work with a multi-mode USB devices (for example, switch 3G modem mode drive). When you run the command ‘slax activate’ provided the copying-activated modules of the distribution (.sb) in memory, and only when necessary. The block size in squashfs increased from 512 KB to 1 MB, which increased memory consumption, but increased the efficiency of compression. In the end, the size of the installation image of the distribution decreased from 265 to 255 MB.

According to the materials: www.opennet.ru