District administrative court has put pressure on virtually all organs and the Ministry of NABOO and the GPU

Окружной админсуд оказывал давление фактически на все органы и министерства - НАБУ и ГПУ

The GPU has drafted the suspicion of 4 judges and the Chairman of the District administrative court.

A judge of the District administrative court of Kyiv its decision has put pressure on the High qualification Commission of judges (vkks) and the High Council of justice (CSJ), which allowed to influence the work of the ministries and departments of the country.

This was at the briefing on July 26, said the Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik, commenting on the searches at the District administrative court.

In addition, the judges also influenced the decision of the constitutional court and the work of the State Bureau of investigation (UIR), said the head of special investigation GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk:

“This influence on the decisions of the Constitutional court’s influence on the decisions of the Vienna Convention and the GSP, which are the only bodies that have an impact on the judicial system of disciplinary action in the ministries, departments, also impact on the GBR. That is, using the guide to push on anyone and cause for questioning.”

Sytnik added that anti-corruption bodies have “a huge amount of facts,” which will be released as a separate film, “to assess the extent of corruption and irregularities in the court.”

In particular, the Director of NABU recalls the head of the District administrative court Vovk, who is using the scheme of “quid Pro quo” delegated “their” people in the Vienna Convention.

Gorbatyuk noted that against the four judges and the President of the District administrative court has already drafted a number of suspicions on the fact of interference in the activities of the CCG and making a knowingly unjust decisions.