Divorce football: In Chelyabinsk, the couple broke up due to Ronaldo and Messi

Passion around the world Cup in Russia has inflamed the serious. They touched even family relationships.

Развод по-футбольному: В Челябинске пара рассталась из-за Роналду и Месси

In Chelyabinsk held a divorce in football. There’s a couple broke up because of Messi and Ronaldo. Before that, she was happily married for 14 years.

The reason for the divorce was the dispute, who all the same better: Ronaldo or Messi. Apparently, both spouses were violent football fans. Better to leave than to yield in this matter.

Arsen, who is 40 years old, was rooting for Messi. His wife Larisa is more like Ronaldo. Relations in Chelyabinsk, or rather in one of its apartments, strained to the limit during the match Argentina – Nigeria.

Larisa during the game defiantly rooting for Nigeria and mocked Arsene, when Messi missed the penalty kick.

For men, this was the last straw. The next day he went to the registry office, where he filed a petition for divorce.

Although, actually, nothing to argue about. And Messi and Ronaldo already “off the beach”. To help their teams have managed neither one nor the other star. Perhaps we should think and take a statement. To argue that more about.

Arsen meeting with Larisa took place during the 2002 world Cup. They both came to the sports bar to watch the match.

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