Divorce is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II Peter Phillips: new details

The Royal family once again suffers from scandal. Yesterday, February 11, became aware of the fact that the Royal family held a regular divorce.

The son of Princess Anne Peter Phillips, who is a senior grandson of Her Majesty, divorces his wife Autumn Kelly after 12 years of marriage. This information was confirmed by Buckingham Palace in an official statement.

The Royal family was upset after learning that Peter and Autumn are going to leave. However, Elizabeth II has supported the pair in the desire to work together to raise children.

Last year, after Her Majesty and members of both families have been informed, Peter and Autumn together agreed to separate. They came to the conclusion that it was the best course of action for their two children and a long lasting friendship. The decision to divorce and joint parenting was made after many months of discussions and, although sad, is amicable. The main priority of the pair is the well-being of their children – daughters, Savannah and Riley,
– said in a statement.

The Royal couple asks media not to interfere in their personal life, because now they need time to get used to the changes that have occurred.

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Развод внука Елизаветы II Питера Филлипса: новые подробности

Peter Phillips with wife and children / Photo: Getty Images